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Effective Immediately It's Our Own IN-HOUSE Graphics Designer Who Delivers The Monthly Batch Of Beautiful Clean Templates - What That Means To YOU Is Even Though You Might Have Seen This Sales Page Design Before We DO NOT Deliver What Everyone Else Gives Your Neighbor AND His Dog

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In Every Business There Are Two Things That Are Absolutely Priceless. Those Two Things Are Time And Quality. 

I’m About To Give You Both! 

Dear Fellow IMer: 

It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? 

More money to spend AND more time to spend it in? 

How can you possibly have both?  

Well, let me assure you that it’s possible. 

And I’m about to tell you how….  

Your Biggest Problem Is… 

Let me ask you one question… 

What is the hardest part about completing almost any job? 

Think about this for a minute. 

What did you say? 

If you said “Getting started” then you’re not alone. 

In fact, the majority of people agree with you. The most difficult part of any job is actually beginning.  

And this is especially true with Internet Marketing. 

If you have an article to write the hardest part is figuring out how to begin the article. The same is true for eBooks. 

Got a sales letter to write? It’s difficult to know where to begin, right? 

Got a Website to design? Tough getting started, huh? 

I will never forget that my 12th grade English teacher always used to tell us to find a window.  

Mr. Schmidt used to say: “If you have trouble starting writing, if you can’t find the door into the assignment then you need to break a window and find another way in.” He’d say: “You can always open the door later.” 

What Mr. Schmidt was saying is that we should just make ourselves begin. And then we could always go back and fix the beginning.  

He was right.  

Come to think about it, he was right about a lot of things except when he told me I’d learn to like Charles Dickens some day (still waiting for that). 

But anyway, the point is that it’s always hardest to begin a project. 

And that’s why this offer is so great. 


Beautiful Mini-Site Templates Ready To Convert Your Projects To Cash Pulling Machines!

Each template package that you will be receiving every month contains everything you need to kick off your project, and get it done right away. There is nothing kept from you. You will be even given the original source files so you can do whatever you wish the template!

What You Will Be Getting In Each Template Package...

There are tons of great things about templates.  

If you used them before then you know how great templates are. (So if you want you can skip right down to the bottom of this page and become a member of (Insert Name) right now.) 

But one of the best reasons why templates are so awesome is because they help you give you that door to begin every single project. 

No longer do you have to sit around – staring at the ceiling and walls – wondering how the hell you can begin.  

With these templates you will know just how to begin. You can just sit down and start working away.  

And you won’t believe how easy your work is when you’re using a template. 

Time is Money 

Too often people undervalue time. 

But those of us who run our own business know how valuable time really is. In fact, as I mentioned at the top of the page, time is priceless.  

And Unselfish Templates will give you more time by allowing you to get more work done faster. 

No matter how many projects you work on a month, you will be able to eliminate all outsourcing costs using these templates...

That's right! You will be getting over 50 masterfully crafted mini-site templates that are ready for you to plug in your content, and start converting your visitors. Each template is designed to be universal and fit any niche, any topic, and any product!

Unlike other template clubs, you will not be getting useless templates that you will never use. These templates will be serving you for many years to come!

Every month you will be delighted & amazed at the quality, and design of each template, and you will want to use them right away!

Sneak Peak At What You Will Be Getting For The First Month As A Club Member When You Sign Up Today...


Template Style 01: Trendy Web 2.0 - 10 Color Variations

This is an outstanding template that is like NOTHING else out there. It has a awesome paper look with hints of web 2.0 style. The template comes in 10 beautiful variations ready for you to start making a killing with this template!


Template Style 02: Solid State - 12 Color Variations

Simple, elegant, and absolutely beautiful! Solid State is has the understated elegance that just schemers quality in the eyes of your prospects. This template is ideal for quick projects that need to be done, and look drop dead amazing!


Template Style 03: Exp. Trendy - 12 Color Variations

Whenever your working on something extra special, and need something to really show it off than this template design is exactly what you need! This is a beautiful design that can be used for any project, it works great with special offers!


Template Style 04: Variety Pack - 9 Templates

Need something in a hurry? These templates are perfect, at hand, and ready to go for all your sales page needs. This includes 9 templates of al different styles, and it even includes templates for upsells, and download pages.


Template Style 05: Bonus Adsense Templates - 7 Templates

As A First Month Bonus: You will be getting 7 highly optimized AdSense templates that allows you to start up quick sites to start earning AdSense checks every month! These are currently not being sold any where else!


Imagine having more time to spend with your family. Or to spend on any of the other many things that you love to do. 

Imagine being able to take entire days off because you were able to get your work done faster with Unselfish Templates.  

Imagine having more money to spend while you have that time off. 

Because when you use templates you will be able to work faster, which means you will get more work done, which means you will make more money. 

Money, Money, Money, Money! 

What a great song by Pink Floyd. Donald Trump’s and NBC’s “The Apprentice” recently borrowed it for their theme song. 

And how true it all is. 

Money really does make the world go around.  

More importantly… it makes my world go around and your world too. 

So getting your work done faster with templates will allow you to get more work done. That will lead to more money!  

But you’ll also be able to save money with Unselfish Templates too. 

I know I was guilty of this myself before I started using templates. 

I would get stuck with a particular project so there was only one thing I knew to do – outsource it. 


If you can’t do something yourself or if it’s too hard then we’re all taught to outsource it.  

Who cares about the cost? I certainly didn’t.  

Well, at least not enough for it to matter.  

I just wanted to get the damn thing done. So I outsourced it. 

But since I started using templates I’ve outsourced much fewer projects. It’s simply easier – and faster – to do it myself now.  

And that all by itself has saved me money. And it will save you money too.  

In fact, it will save you so much money that the money you save from outsourcing (actually not outsourcing) alone will more than pay for this monthly membership fee. 

Come to think of it, the money you save in one month will pay for an entire year’s membership and then some. 

So you will be able to work faster, you’ll be able to get more work done, and you’ll be able to complete more of your own work which will save you tons of money that you don’t need to plunk out for outsourcing. 

It all sounds great, doesn’t it?  

And if we stopped now and I told you the price you’d be shocked at just how affordable this membership is.  

And if you are sold feel free to skip to the bottom and click the “Buy Now Button”. In fact, to make it easier I’ll give you a button right now. 

But I hope you stay with me for another minute or so because I haven’t even told you the best part yet...

There’s No Substitute for Quality 

And now we’ve finally come to the second invaluable piece to every successful business.  

And this is the best benefit that you’ll get from Unselfish Templates.  

In one word: Quality. 

If you hope to make your business work then you better be giving your customers quality.  

In every single thing you do, you better be doing it well.  

Everything you produce is branding you and your brand is everything. 

Your brand will make or break you. 

But I’m sure you already know that.  

But that’s why Unselfish Templates is so awesome. It’s THE #1 reason why every Internet Marketer needs this membership. 

You will be able to produce quality products time after time after time. And with 48 new templates every month you’ll be producing different yet equally great products every single time. 

You truly can’t put a price tag on that.  Here Is The Awesome Benefits You Will Be Getting As An Unselfish Templates Member:

You want everything you produce to be top-notch and templates will help you do just that.  

And that can and will make all the difference between a customer buying from you once or buying from you multiple times. 

Putting a Price on the Priceless 

I have to be honest. Since I started using templates my life has gotten much easier and my business has exploded. It’s been a total win – win for me. 

So if someone came-up to me and offered me any amount of money to stop using templates, I’d have a hard time accepting any amount of money. 

It would certainly have to be enough money to allow me to never have to work again.  Because I wouldn’t want to spend another day in IM without being able to use templates. 


But then again, I have so much fun most days that I would miss IM.  

So, honestly, I don’t think there is any amount of money that I would take to stop using templates. They are priceless to me. 

And they will be to you too. 

But for you to be able to grab this great offer, I have to put a price on it. 

So how much would you pay to be able to use templates every single day? 

Would you pay $197 every month if you knew you’d make that back when you were able to do one project on your own? 

Would you pay $167 if you knew you’d be able to do that much extra work in just a day or two with templates? 

Or how about paying $137 with the knowledge that the quality you would produce with the templates would cause your business to flourish and make you tons more than that every single week. 

Well, forget about those prices. 

Because I’m so excited about these templates, I’m itching to get these into your hands. 

So for a limited time, I’m offering you a monthly membership for just $27

That’s it. Just $27 and that price will NEVER go up. 

So while others will have to pay double and even triple that amount (or more) to get in and receive the templates every month, you’ll only have to pay $27 forever! 

And you can have the first set of templates in your hands within just a couple minutes. 

Over 50 Mini-Site Templates Every Month        (value: $497.97)
You will be getting over 50 mini-site templates ranging in 4 awesome new styles every month. You will save hundreds of dollars every month! You will not be able to get these templates anywhere else!
Full Source HTML/CSS & PSD's                            (value: $497.97)
Each template comes with easy to edit HTML/css and the PSD files so you can have complete freedom. Each templates also come content template, so you can easy start your sales letter and it will always look great!
Save You Hundreds Every Month                       (value: priceless)
With these templates every month you will be able to save hundreds, if not thousands every month on outsourcing!
Bonus Resell Rights Package!                      (value: $67.97)
In every months package you will be receiving a bonus package of products you can sell right now and make 100% profits on them!
Bonus Where To Find Great Icons                      (value: $47.97)
Easily make any project that much better with great icons. You will learn where to find the best icons on the web, and how you can use them enhance your work instantly. This is the best kept secret to all graphic designers!

And to make it even more of a "No-Brainer" I am taking on all the risk...

There Is No Risk & We Guarantee That You Will Have A Huge Return On Your Investment!

Take a full 30 Days to check things out. Play around with the products. Review the training materials. Throw up a website. See how much money you can make in your first month.  

If you are not 100% ON-FIRE and Totally Jazzed, if you are even the slightest bit under-whelmed, if for any reason you decide you aren't completely satisfied, just open a support ticket within the first 30 days and I'll refund your first month's fees.  And you won't be charged another dime after that!  No questions asked.




Seeking YOUR Success, 


JayKay Bak


JayKay Bak

CEO, Unselfish Marketers Co. Ltd.


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